Forum Rules and Guidelines - Please read! [3/15/2011]

Site rules and important announcements about the site will be posted here. Please read carefully before you join.

Forum Rules and Guidelines - Please read! [3/15/2011]

Postby SolutionCAIRO » Tue Apr 05, 2011 2:02 pm

On behalf of the TPF Administrators, Moderators, and members, welcome! Before you start joining our Forum site, Let's have a few ground rules so things don’t get out of control. Most of the things in this list below are basic common sense when it comes of using internet community forums. If you have any question or problem regarding TPF Forum, please visit or FAQ page here: faq.html

Team TPF: the-team.html

General Rules:

1) All posts must be in English or Tagalog only.
2) Be respectful. Respect is the first and the best rule of this forum.
3) Only one account is permitted per user, if we found out that your using multiple accounts, all your accounts will be deleted!
4) The moderators and administrators of the reserve the right to remove and/or edit any post and the right to limit and/or terminate any user's membership privileges at their sole discretion.
5) Posts discussing moderator/administrator actions are not permitted.
6) Do not argue with moderation. If you don't understand why you got an infraction or your post was deleted, PM them! there's nothing wrong with asking why. Calling the moderators names after being infractioned or otherwise moderated will result to get an IP ban so you can't even use this site anonymously.
7) All members are required to post an introductory post in members-introduction/
8) Tell us how did u find us! click here: general-chat/how-did-you-find-thepinoyforum-t2153.html

Before you post:

1) Look around before you post. Duplicate topics just make work for the moderators. There's a search bar at the top of the page.
2) Follow the Proper Formatting of Thread Titles news-announcements/proper-formatting-of-thread-titles-for-downloads-t306.html

When posting:

1) Do not use all caps because this is interpreted as YELLING (it looks as if you are screaming at the people reading your post).
2) When posting a new topic make sure you give it a good descriptive title.
3) Do NOT post the same question in different forums (cross posting)
4) Post in the correct section.
5) No Spam
6) Please do not use jejemon words! It is very difficult to read and understand.
7) All malicious, vulgar, or unsubstantiated posts may be removed.
8) When You write a post, please space paragraphs with a blank line in between them for better readability.
9) There will be zero tolerate posting of illegal materials or activities.
10) There will be zero tolerance to rudeness, insults, personal attacks, stalking, or inflammatory and threatening posts.
11) We will not tolerate posts that reference other forums or links posted to other forums unless the link is to one of our Affiliate sites.
12) Always code your links! how? click here news-announcements/how-to-and-your-links-t324.html
13) You are not allowed to post any kind of materail related to violence such as photos of accidents, human mutilation and/or any kind of stuff athat can shock those who view it!


1) Give credit to those that deserve for the content you post on the forum.
2) Keep an open mind.
3) Please remember to use the reputation button to show appreciation by simply clicking the green hand icon as shown in the image below.


Positive Reputation (Positive Vote)
> should be given to people who post meaningful, helpful, and thoughtful posts. Any post that contributes to the thread in a positive way probably deserves positive reputation. This does not mean that you agree with what was said; the point brought up may be completely opposite to what you believe, but it may be a good point nonetheless, and worthy of a pat on the back. Giving positive reputation to someone because they are your friend and deserve to have a few more green dots next to their name probably isn't a good reason to give positive reputation.

Negative reputation (Negative Vote)
> should be given if the person is posting something that detracts from the conversation. If the post is rude, inappropriate, breaks forum rules, is not gracious, etc; these are all good reasons to give negative reputation. If you have a personal grudge with someone, their team, etc, is it not appropriate to give them negative reputation for no reason. Giving negative reputation because you don't agree with what was said is not an appropraite use of the reputation system. People are entitled to their own opinions, and just because you don't agree doesn't mean the user was wrong or not contributing to the conversation.

for Signatures:

1) You are allowed to use 1 signature only.
2) Signature Dimension sizes will be limited to a total height of 150 pixels and a width of 400 pixels. for more info: news-announcements/tpf-signature-rules-t2985.html

Consequences of breaking rules:

Moderators will edit or deleted your post. You may be sent a warning.
At 5 warnings or more, you get silenced for some time. Details here: news-announcements/how-we-handle-forum-rule-violators-t339.html

The TPF rules is still in progress, so please take the time to read this every now and again.. If you see a rule has been violated, just push the report button Imageto alarm the admins and moderators.. 03/15/2011
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